What is the difference between a dietitian and nutritionist?

Nutritionists are tertiary qualified nutrition professionals who can provide a range of evidence based nutrition services related to general nutrition, public health nutrition, policy and research, and community health.

Dietitians are qualified to provide services nutritionist provide, with additional expertise -individual clinical dietary counselling, medical nutrition therapy, group dietary therapy, and food service management.

A Dietitian is required to meet specific standards set out by Dietitians Association of Australia to be eligible for accreditation, and to practice.

What type of care & support will I receive?

Our aim is to work with you to manage your health & medical conditions through diet and lifestyle changes.

Our practice offers a wholesome approach to dietary and lifestyle changes. We believe in:

  • Moderation and balance
  • Incorporating a variety of natural, wholefoods as part of your long term lifestyle,
  • Providing you with evidence-based and personalised dietary prescription and treatment, suitable for your lifestyle and routines.
  • Working with you to make gradual and sustainable changes
  • Building your food and nutrition knowledge and self-management skills for long term management

What is your standard consultation?

At your initial consult, your Dietitian will do a detailed assessment with you. This assessment provides us with a deeper understanding of your health, dietary and lifestyle requirements, allowing us to develop a personalised management and treatment plan for you to achieve your goals.

A general consult would look like:

  • Detailed assessment of medical history, lifestyle and dietary choices
  • Discussion of your medical conditions, health & nutrition goals, and best methods for management which would work in your routines and lifestyle.
  • We work closely with you to develop and build sustainable self-management strategies, food and nutrition skills and knowledge, and personalised goals and recommendations – to assist you in achieving your health and nutrition goals.

Initial consults are 60 minutes, and review consults are 30-45 minutes.

  • If your GP has provided you with an Enhanced Primary Care Plan or Eating Disorder Management Plan, you may be eligible for a rebate from Medicare for the number of sessions allocated on your EPC/EDM plan for dietitian services. Please check your eligibility with your GP. Paperwork needs to be provided to your Dietitian at your consultation.
  • You may receive a rebate from your private health fund, depending on the level of your health fund cover. Please check with your health fund.

How many sessions will I need?

Each individual has different requirements, and would require different amounts of sessions to achieve their health and nutrition goals. Your dietitian will discuss this with you in more detail at your consultation.

What should I bring to my appointment?

Please bring along to your appointment:

  • Referral letters,
  • Recent blood results/ scan results,
  • GP management plan (if you are eligible), and
  • Food diary
  • Food and symptom diary  – if you have been referred for management of a gut issue (such as IBS, IBD, dietary intolerances)

Where can I download a diary to fill before my consult?

A food diary is an essential part of your dietary assessment.

It is a reflection of what dietary choices are usually part of your daily routine, allowing us to understand how your day runs, and the best choices available to you. This allows us to tailor recommendations to suit your needs and situations – thus increasing flexibility and options, making the transition to positive changes an easier and smoother process.

The food diary can be downloaded here and filled 3-4 days before your initial dietary assessment.

If you have a gut related issues (e.g. intolerance, allergy, IBS), please download the food and symptom diary here and fill it in for 5-7 days before your appointment. This allows a comprehensive assessment to determine possible dietary-related triggers to your symptoms and conditions.

Do you do home visits/ aged care assessments?

Home visits/ aged care assessments are available for patients who are unable to travel to one of our practice locations.

Please email us at cheryllumdietitian@gmail.com for further information.

What conditions do your treat / services offered?

We are able to provide care and support for the following conditions:

  • Healthy eating for all ages 
  • Pregnancy planning
  • Fussy eating & food aversions
  • Endocrine & Metabolic Health
    • Pre-diabetes / Insulin resistance/ PCOS
    • Diabetes (Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, Gestational)
    • Heart disease (Cardiovascular disease, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure)
    • Weight management (weight gain/ loss)
    • Osteoporosis
  • Digestive & Gastrointestinal issues
    • Diverticulitis, Reflux, IBD, Fatty liver disease
    • Food intolerances or allergies (IBS, FODMAP, Coeliac disease)
  • Cancer management
    • Thyroid cancer
    • Weight / appetite changes with cancer treatment
  • Bariatric surgery management
  • Eating disorders.
  • Sports nutrition 

For more information on the conditions we treat and services we offer, please contact Cheryl directly at cheryllumdietitian@gmail.com