Hi! My name is Cheryl Lum & I’m an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Accredited Nutritionist. I am a member of Dietitians Association of Australia.

Born & raised in a multicultural family & society, my love for food knows no bounds! Food plays such an important role in everyone’s life – relationships, culture, health and more! It’s so important to nourish yourself with healthy wholefoods to ensure your best health outcomes can be reached and to live out our best lives.



I graduated with Honours in Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics from the University of Newcastle, NSW. My research looked at adolescent male rugby players diets, which has been published internationally. I have a range of experience working at various hospitals, community clinics, and private practices throughout New South Wales. I am also a qualified Go4Fun Healthy Kids program leader and have presented multiple cooking classes and health & nutrition talks over the years.



I strongly believe in healthy eating, everything in moderation and the right balance (Food was made to be enjoyed!). I believe in fresh, good quality wholefoods. I believe in making sustainable changes which will positively impact your health & life.

When it comes to nutrition, I do not believe one-size fits all. I do not believe in fad diets, quick fixes, restrictive diets and unnecessary supplementation!



People & Food! 

I am passionate about helping my clients find the best healthy eating & lifestyle routine which works for them. I work closely with my clients to:

  • Tackle the heart of the issue using practical evidence- based solutions
  • Provide the highest personalised quality care and support, to allow each client to reach their health & nutrition goals.
  • Ensure the information provided to my clients are up-to--date & evidenced based, allowing them to make informed choices amidst all the conflicting information!

I believe everyone can achieve their health & nutrition goals, with the right support, guidance & information. You don’t need to eliminate, feel deprived / guilty around the foods you love! It’s all about small positive changes, which leads to big change. Everything in moderation & balance!


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